Judi is currently a LTS instructor at Barracudas Aquarama in Durbanville. She previously coached at Quick Silver Competitive swimming club based at Fairmont High School in Durbanville for 2 years and 3 months.

She enjoys working at all levels from toddlers to masters.


She has been coaching since November 2020 and is still a competitive swimmer.


  • Learn To Swim (LTS) qualification,
  • Swam level 3,
  • Figure skater intermediate level 4 WC development figure skating team,
  • Half colours swimming WC 2020,
  • School colors swimming 2020,
  • Best Senior Girl Swimming Fairmont High 2020,
  • Western Cape Provincial Sports Colours / 1 MAY 2023,
  • WC High-Performance Team Captain senior lady lifesaving 2023,
  • Compete at South African Lifesaving Championships Nationals every year.


Learn To Swim certification, First Aid level 3, Qualified Lifesaver still and open water.